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From Big Sur's killer cliff-clinging eateries to Salinas' unparalleled produce, this blog aims to sniff out all things Monterey County can stomach, via picture and prose, curiosity and appetite, hand and mouth.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amateur Photo Contest for Phat Prize

They've become so common at tables they are approaching salt and pepper shaker status: digital cameras. Driven by social media and our ever-creshendoing foodie-food porn movement, everyone is taking pictures of their grub with their cameras, phones and SLRs. The New York Times published a piece about it just today (read that piece here).

Some begrudge it—"It's like keeping a journal during sex," Anthony Bourdain told some obsessive blogger types constantly snapping away on an episode of No Reservations—but I for one like shooting food. I mean, c'mon. Look at that tomato tower (shot by Barnaby Draper Studios at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, coming back starting Thursday, April 8).

I also happen to be sitting on a $100 gift certificate to bayside Bubba Gump's on Cannery Row (373-1884), where you can get a decent amount of cajun shrimp, popcorn shrimp, shrimp and salsa cocktail, peel-'n-eat beer-steamed shrimp, dynamite shrimp and shrimp-and-fish hush puppies for 100 bones.

Hence I would like to take this opportunity to announce an old-fashioned shootout. Below are the rules of engagement. Winner takes the shrimp scholarship.

•Amateurs only.
•Dishes can be homemade or from/in a restaurant, but must be prepared and photographed in Monterey County.
•Entries must be e-mailed to (or dropped off at the Weekly offices) by 5pm May 1, 2010.
•Winners will be selected from a group of finalists by three local chefs.

And away we go.