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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Special Edible's New Home (and a Baby Monkey on the Back of a Pig)

The people demanded an answer. Their rebukes came at tasting events and by confused texts or awkward e-mail. One chunk of outrage found me at a class where it was otherwise super-sunny skies—and how could it not be? We were pickling carrots and Brussels sprouts at Happy Girl Kitchen—and went a little like this:

"WTF, bro. WTF. What's with the blog."

They thought I was lazy, or AWOL, or laying face down in a corner booth, dead from over-researching my beat.

The real truth reveals a dark side to food journalism detailed beautifully in this film about a sensitive chef with a sharp blade.

Only I was not offed and eaten as retribution for bitter evaluations of an articulate and angry chef.

Special Edible never stopped, it was merely munching along in a new place found on the new Weekly website under Food Blog. I was prevented from updating you here about that until now by a sequence of technological burps that can best be described as life-shortening.

In the meantime, though, in that new Food Blog slot I've unspooled an epic 36-hour loop through Big Sur and Paso Robles, posted an EcoFarm report from an actual organic farmer and listed 2011's top food events, among other palatable posts.

And wait'll you see what's coming soon: scenes from the Napa Wine Train, insider scoops from the blockbuster Clambake for a Cure and the best food commercial series I've ever laid my ravenous eyes on (I can't tell what country it's from, but it doesn't much matter when you are laughing that hard).

I do want to thank you for putting up with the transition. And I see no better way of doing that than with a monkey-wrapped porkchop: