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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Glance Back at Big Sur Food & Wine Year Two

There was a rare feeling permeating every bottle, smile and snack at the extensive lineup that constituted the second annual Big Sur Food & Wine this weekend past: a kind of camaraderie that comes from close affiliation with our area’s tastemakers and an abiding affection for the goods they give us.

Way too much epicness to fit in here—from the head-shakingly generous auction items to the pitch-perfect new opening event to the celebratory sell-out dinners—so I’ll leave it at what event conductor of chefs Adam Olthof said to me at the grand public tasting (check out former Esalen chef Charlie Casio talking goat cheese, Pig Wizard slicing sausage and much more from that Henry Miller-centered Saturday event—who needs a rain plan, right?).

“We slayed it, didn’t we?” he asked me.

Well...hell yes you did.

Suddenly, unmistakeably, wonderfully, BSF&W is officially on my short-short list of can’t-miss events of the year.

Check out more Nic Coury photos from the public grand tasting here.