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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Looks at the Trader Joe's Addiction

In my mind, the only paved place that rivals the frustration of L.A.'s 405 Freeway is the Trader Joe's parking lot. The place comes more crowded than the dancefloor at Ipanema's Carioca da Gema during Carnaval, with none of the grinding side benefits.

One of the reasons I like the chain—or at least a reason that ranks just above the baby watermelons and the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds—is its heavy community-support presence, which TJ's empowers local managers to direct. (OK, I admit I have an unfettered fondness for the inventive trail mixes and clever hummus incarnations too).

A recent Fortune piece about this grocery infatuation of mine and yours packs in fascinating insights by the bunch, hitting on everything from TJ's "obsessively secretive" corporate tendencies to its gargantuan revenues—sales last year were roughly $8 million, on par with Whole Foods and more than Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Less enlightening but arguably as accurate (and at least as entertaining) arrives this video by some awesome guy with a camera phone: