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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tiny Bye Bye

The e-mail I saw on my phone was distressed.

"Do you know Miriam’s the coffee shop on Lighthouse?" cookbook author, new mom and Weekly food writer Pat Tanimurhardja wrote. "Do you know what’s up with her? She’s my go-to barista for the best lattes on the Peninsula but she’s been closed for more than a week.

"No note, no word. Any idea?"

This was forboding news. Miriam represented a lot of awesome elements—the rare young female entrepreneur, a stylish and charismatic cat who cared deeply about the provenance of her products, who leveraged maximum fun from her shoebox-size spot by hosting art exhibits and even DJ music, a community member completely woven into the fabric of Lighthouse Avenue, a relentless supporter of good local indie music and a regular presence at indigenous cultural events.

These thoughts hadn't even filtered through my frontal cortex yet as I pocketed my phone and walked onto the patio of The Crown and Anchor (649-6496)…and saw Miriam tucked away in a corner.

I showed her the e-mail. I felt the wind of the Information Superhighway beneath my wings.

She told me she was over the crazy dawn-to-dusk-and-beyond hours and the burden of making it work week in and week out, that she was cashing out and taking a part-time gig at Whole Foods in Monterey. I sensed a lil' need for normalcy. And contentment.

In the space, she says, the new owners are planning a hot dog shop.

I heart hot dogs. But I can't say I'm quite as excited as I might be otherwise.