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Friday, June 25, 2010

Of IPAs and So Duh! Liquid Fire

Local beer master Jeff "Holy" Moses of Monterey didn't rest long after last month's Monterey Bay Beer Festival (check him out in the You Tube video on the fest by Monterey's Zee Labega).

Moses, his brewer Peter Licht and their new Hermitage Brewery in San Jose are putting out a handful of new brands available at Salinas' BevMo (442-2411)—who wisely buy up all of Moses' limited production brews—right about now.

The elixirs include HOPTOPIA Double Imperial IPA (8 percent ABV), an American oak-aged IPA called Hermitage - Ale of the Hermit (8 percent), a black dry-hopped IPA called Menage a Singe (8 percent) and some sassy pops for the designated driver in us all, So Duh! Root Beer and a red-cinammon scorcher called So Duh! Liquid Fire.

In each case, the scale of the operation translates to taste, according to Moses.

"With small batches you end up with more flavorful beer, and with more clarity," he says. "I find the larger the batch, generally the less flavor."

The scale of the beer fest may change come next year, or at least its flavor may. A source I spoke with on background (and the condition of anonymity) says talks between Moses about and the Coastal Luxury Management-Cannery Row Brewing Company people—who could be seen strolling the fairgrounds grass at last month's event—about the sale of MBF are ongoing.