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Monday, January 10, 2011

CRBC: Suddenly a Music Venue Too

Cannery Row Brewing Company had the liveliest dance floors the Row has seen outside of Sly's, Bullwackers and Blue Fin in some time on New Year's Eve thanks to a friend and colleague of mine, DJ Hanif Wondir.

Now they're going even bigger, with a late-breaking show booked by Joe Fletcher, the local promoter whose biggest coup was his Roots-Michael Franti-Cake-led Monterey Music Summit.

After a Friday show at the Monterey Maritime Museum, Los Angeles-based Morgan Nagler of Whispertown, the Heartstring Symphony, and Jake Bellows of Neva Dinova decided to stick around for an encore, as Weekly scribe Sarah Rubin describes with a recent news flash.

Should be interesting to see how the singer-songwriter fans mingle with the BCS Championship Game crowd.

Best part: The 8pm show is free.