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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresh Chef Todd Fisher Recipe

Why is this man smiling? Because he's a funny mother f*cker who knows how to have a good time and share great food—and because he's doing just that 1pm Wednesday, July 28, at one of the newest farmers markets in the area, the Salinas Farmers Market at Natividad Medical Center (which goes 11am–4pm).

In honor of National Salad Week, Fisher's rocking his Roasted Beets in Sherry Wine Vinaigrette (serving 6). You know beets are good. And you know you wish you could do them well.

Here's the recipe—

Roasted Beets in Sherry Wine Vinaigrette

6 Lrg. Red or Golden Beets
3 cups Water
½ t Salt

In large baking dish place washed beets, water and salt. Cover with foil and roast 1-½ hours at 350°. Remove from oven and cool. Wearing gloves peel beets using two paper towels and rubbing the beets till all skin is removed and slice. Arrange on a serving platter and crumble Chevre (Goat Cheese) over the top and set aside while you prepare the Sherry Wine Vinaigrette.

2 ea Shallots minced
1 T Dijon mustard
2 t Honey
1 t Cracked black pepper
1 t Sea salt
½ cup Sherry Wine Vinegar
4 T California Olive Oil

Whisk together above ingredients in a small bowl and drizzle over the sliced beets. Ooh lala!

The market is located at 1441 Constitution Blvd., outside of building 200-Out Patient Services, and is open to the public every Wednesday through Oct. 27.

There will be additional featured farmer cooking demos each month that take place during the Farmers Market at noon.